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Club Chapter.

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What is an FIH Club?

The club you create will raise awareness for women's issues by holding events and discussions. You will celebrate women in history and use poetry as an outlet to express your ideas. Through these methods, the club will build unity and friendship between you and like-minded men and women.


Create a Chapter Today!

Club Guide

View guidelines, club structurerequirements, and helpful tips.

Submit Club Funds

Donate the funds that you made for the year. Fade Into Hue will use them to fund girls' education at the Chirag School in India. Read about their biographies and remember you can donate even if you don't have a club chapter. Donate with a recognizable name, so we can ensure your chapter donated.

Visit here to submit funds.

Club Calendar

View the themes for each month and ideas for action and community building.

Find posters, infographics, and activities to help you spread awareness for the monthly topics and reach your club goals. The following resources correspond to the club calendar, so check that out for guidance. Good Luck!

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