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Productive Morning Routine

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

How to start your day off strong, so you can be productive!

By: Naya Dukkipati

“The way you start your day determines how you live your day” Robin Sharma.

First and foremost, I am not strict about completing tasks by a certain time in the morning. In other words, I do not schedule my morning by doing blah blah at 5:00 am and blah blah at 6:00 am. Instead, I like to create a morning list of what I have to do and just follow it in an order that works for me. This way I don’t feel stressed or behind if something is taking a bit longer or if I wake up at a later time.

1. Hydrate

I am terrible with my water intake. I have gone weeks without drinking any water because I simply forget. I know this might sound like an exaggeration, but I have truly done this several times. Thus, to be better about my water consumption, I drink 8 ounces of water first thing in the morning with a nuun tablet. This allows me to feel more hydrated and energized and helps me be more conscious about drinking water throughout the day. Remember, water is essential to health, which means it is essential to every great morning routine.

2. Get Ready

Next, is my skincare and oral hygiene routine. First, I splash my face with cold water to wake myself up and then wash my face. Then, I pause my skincare routine to brush my teeth, floss, gargle with mouthwash, and apply lip balm. After this is done, I continue my skincare routine making sure to apply sunscreen! While I am not a dermatologist, I have struggled with acne and hyper pigmentation and sunscreen has helped me combat my skin issues.

3. Tidy

I make my bed and clean up my room, so I can feel more productive for the day. This includes putting on my diffuser and opening my windows, so I feel like I am outside without having to go outside.

4. Move

For me, this is either an intense HIIT workout or stretching. I think moving your body in any form is great as it will make you feel less tired and more inclined to move and be more productive. Once you start moving, it is hard to stop.

5. Grow

Complete a task whether it is personal or work related. This can be reading a chapter from a book, drawing in your notebook, or completing a homework assignment. I personally either do a small homework task and practice Mandarin because it guides me for the rest of my day.

6. Reflect

Check your To Do List, check and reply to emails, and be grateful. I keep a gratitude journal where I write 3-5 things I am grateful for every morning. It can be anything. Having access to water, your parents, or simply someone doing something nice for you like opening the door. This will allow you to focus on what you have versus what you don’t, which to me, is a key principle to achieve happiness.

7. Breathe

You’ve done so much already! Now, pat yourself on the back and breathe. Sit with your thoughts for a minute and allow yourself to relax before you tackle the rest of the day.


Comment your tips to have a productive morning!

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