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In the Workplace

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Payment disparities and obstacles women face at work.

By: Kiara Pellicane-Hart

"Any society that fails to harness the energy and creativity of its women is at a huge disadvantage in the modern world." - Tian Wei

Women are still trying to make ground in male dominated workplaces, especially in STEM areas and in management positions. COVID-19 has made these advances even more difficult to reach as women face burnout from their jobs, and those that are mothers having to take care of their children throughout the day as daycares and schools were not open in the beginning of the pandemic. Equal pay is still an uphill battle, especially for women of color. For every dollar a man makes, Asian-American women make $0.90, Caucasian women make $0.82, Black women make $0.62, Native American women make $0.57, and Latina women make $0.54 doing the same work. Mothers are paid an average of 7% less than fathers and are less likely to be hired, due to the perception that they are less competent and do not have the focus to adequately perform a job. There is also an immense double standard when it comes to the actions and emotional responses of women and men. Where women are labelled as emotional or aggressive, and therefore unable to perform a job in an appropriate manner. Men are described as passionate or justified in their response because their behaviour is expected and accepted as “being a man in the workplace.”

In spite of the opposition, women are changing the workplace for the better. With cultural changes that made it easier for women to achieve higher education, women became more likely to get a four-year college degree and pursue an advanced degree then men. More women are able to enter male-dominated fields at a higher level, especially in STEM fields. As more women are able to get in the door of competitive workplaces and have successful careers, they clear a path for more women to follow them and create change in the workforce and address the double standard in the workforce.

Visit some websites about women in the workplace, here are some to get you started. 9to5 is a national organization led by working women to create legislation to reduce discrimination based on gender. Empower Women is a global movement that is “taking actions and driving change for women’s economic empowerment both online and offline.” This is a great organization to help you get involved or just to learn more about women’s financial issues in the workplace. Catalyst works with companies to “to build workplaces that work for women.” They have articles and events that are great for educating yourself on common issues and how to address them. a better balance helps protect female workers from discrimation based on gender or race in the workplace through legal means. Is there anything you can do to educate those around you? Is there anything you can do to help these organizations create lasting change in workplaces?


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