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Image by Abhishek Koli

Intrusive = Rational Thinking

By: Shayla Astudillo

He stepped into the shadow of who I once was

he fell swiftly into the hole at the first step 

his arms reaching up

to the pavement, he once was above


Yet I looked 


his fingertips 

turning white from his grip

to the sternness

of his eyebrow 



I looked into his eyes 

Contradicting stories told in his dark pupils 

He knew

I was no help to him 

and his yelp 

for sanity


He died

In that 



Every article states that when a human dies their life flashes through 

their eyes in a matter of minutes


I hope he 

in the shadow of who I once was 

his eyes flashed with the memories

of I as a kid, begging for the love and attention he had

my struggles in the corner of a bedroom while his as the light

his trauma enforced on me

and everything he ever did 

To me


I want him to feel every single inch of what 

he did to me

He deserves to die that way


don’t we all?

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