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Image by Abhishek Koli

Dutch Braids

By: Bridgitte Thao

I see the way you glare

Bare your teeth and sneer

Gaze piercing, aimed at my midnight hair

The way its tendrils wrap around my ear

Pulsating and alive, like leaves in the air.


Your viper tongue speaks about how I will fare,

And your unkind eyes wish me future despair.

You smirk, thinking I am blissfully unaware. 


You believe I am a bumbling, blind, crybaby brat.

But when have I shown you that? 




Recently I’ve noticed your complexion become unfair

As you realize, I don’t really care

About you or your dull gray affairs.

All you can do is chide and stare.

I want a grand house, complete with winding stairs.

You have let deceit and hate ruin your air.

And living here has ruined beyond compare

My wildest dreams, my dresses and wears.


I do not belong to your witless, unending spats.

There is a world to be traversed and lapped.


And so I’m off, into the great out there!

Shut your mouth, because I haven’t a moment to spare.

I’ll never make it, you have made me aware.

I wrap myself in ocean cotton and wear

Spare butterflies, downing honey like beer.


I know you never listen, but, “Beware.”

One wrong move, and no one will know you were here.


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