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Home Within

We look at others 

Not with a gaze 

but an analytical eye

Focusing on the curvatures of the body

The glow of the skin

The sheen of the hair

The way they carry themselves


We do this not to admire

But to see the flaws, we see in ourselves

To find the glimpses of insecurities the mirror shows us

and capture that hateful stare and redirect it to another


As our hands glide down our arms

and tug our skin

and glide through our hair

We try to hold ourselves tightly 

to only be reduced to the painful years

and judgmental stares

Then when those light marks fade 

We do it day by day

Until those marks stay

Hidden under the skin

Held together by the mirror’s tears


To be the girl we saw on the street

To be the girl the mirror wish they saw


But when we realize that body was not an image to be captured

To be looked at by anyone but ourselves

We wish that body was loved and cherished for what it holds 

because there was something beautiful within to be called home

Home Within
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